Xbox Live Games with Gold September Lineup Review

September has arrived, and with it a new lineup of Xbox Live Games with Gold has come. This month, the Xbox 360 will receive a free AAA title, along with a new Xbox live Arcade game, whilst the Xbox One gets a new game and extended free access to Crimson Dragon. It may not be the best month, but September’s offering is far from bad.

Xbox One

This month, the only new game to make it to the Xbox One for the Xbox Lives Games with Gold offer is Super Time Force, whilst Crimson Dragon has been put up for the second month in a row.

Super Time Force

super-time-force Super Time Force is a pixel platformer that can be picked up as an Xbox Live Arcade game. In Super Time Force, players are given a variety of different characters, all of which have their own unique abilities. The time manipulation mechanic within Super Time Force can often end with some hilariously spectacular results, and it makes the game enjoyable all of the way through.

If you haven’t played Super Time Force yet, we definitely suggest getting it this September, it’s a small game and will take up very little space on your hard drive so there’s no reason not to.

Crimson Dragon


Crimson Dragon is a launch title that follows the same game design as the Panzer Dragoon franchise. Created by Grounding Inc, Crimson Dragon is an on-the-rails shooter that has clearly failed to reach the expectations Microsoft had for the title. As a result, it has become available on Xbox One for free for the second month in a row.

Crimson Dragon isn’t exactly a bad game, it’s just that there are many better games out there that could be played instead.

Xbox 360

On the Xbox 360, Monaco: What’s Mine is Yours can be picked up for free till September 15th, and Halo Reach will be offered for free after that.

Monaco: What’s Yours is mine


Monaco is a pretty stellar stealth action game that gives players a top-down view of each level. Players can only see areas of the level that are within their line of sight, which can make navigating a challenge. Monaco is definitely one of the better XBLA games available today, and is definitely worth giving a go if you like arcade games that get you using your brain.

Halo Reach

halo-reachWhether or not you are a fan of Halo Reach, it was Bungie’s last chance to produce a Halo game and they intended to go out with a bang. Without a doubt, Halo Reach is one of the most interesting Halo games out there. The multiplayer is refreshing and the story touches on some new concepts within the universe. Also, with the added forge and firefight modes there are hours of fun to be had.

The public’s perception of the Xbox Live Games with Gold promotion has dipped since Dishonored was put up for free, but free games are free games at the end of the day. What game (within reason) would you want to see on Xbox Live Games with Gold that would make it a worthwhile promotion?

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