Xbox Live Games with Gold for July

Xbox Live Gold members can get their virtual hands on four free games throughout July, with two for each console. Of course, members with an Xbox One have the freedom to download all four thanks to the delights of backward compatibility (a nice little bonus).

So, what’s up for grabs this month?

Xbox One

The Banner Saga 2

banner saga

This turn-based tactical epic is a unique, atmospheric experience. TBS2 takes place in a fantastical world being consumed by an overwhelming darkness, with players leading a band of refugees from one cinematic battle to the next.

The most outstanding part of the game is its gorgeous visuals. Resembling a big-budget animated movie, TBS2 is an absolute treat to look at, recalling 2D classics from a pre-digital age. There are numerous characters to play as, an engaging storyline, and plenty of depth to the combat itself.



This match-three game has grabbed its fair share of acclaim since its release. Regarded as one of the most intelligent games of its kind, Tumblestone features a single-player and multi-player mode, and a fiendishly-tricky design.

Puzzle games usually provide value for money, and mastering Tumblestone should give Live members hours of fun.

Xbox 360

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

This may be quite a few years old now, but Vegas 2 still has lots to enjoy. Starring the usual group of bland specialists, Vegas 2 pits players against standard bad guys in the neon-soaked wonderland we all know and love. It’s not the easiest game you’ll ever play, but Vegas 2 is an engrossing experience nonetheless.

Tactics play a huge role in how you proceed. Your allies can be directed to attack positions when needed, and rooms can be flashed-and-cleared to get the jump on enemies. The visuals still hold up today, and as a freebie, it’s worth a try.

Tron: Evolution


Tron, that well-loved Disney classic starring the mighty Jeff Bridges and some charmingly-outdated computers, got a welcome resurgence a few years back, when the long-awaited sequel finally arrived. To tie in with Tron: Legacy, Disney released Tron: Evolution – and it’s actually a decent recreation of the movies’ universe.

Playing as a security program on a quest to solve a mystery inside the Grid, you get to explore the gorgeous neon world seen in the films, throwing discs and racing Light Cycles to your heart’s content. Throw in a bit of parkour and a nice soundtrack, and you have a game Tron fans should dive into if they haven’t already.

What do you think of July’s free Games with Gold? Let us know!

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