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Welcome to Game Pass May! A new month, a new amazing lineup of new games coming to Xbox Game Pass. All of the games below can be played for free if you’re already a member of Microsoft’s subscription service.

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

(2nd May)

Experience an adrenaline-pumping journey set in Nazi-controlled America in the 1960s. As part of the Resistance, you’ll team up with unforgettable characters to take down the evil army led by Frau Engel. A long list of badass weaponry is at your disposal in The New Colossus– from hatchets to grenade launchers.

The plan is simple in this critically acclaimed Wolfenstein title: kill Nazis!


(2nd May)

More fresh content coming to Game Pass May, Wargroove has been out for barely 2 months! This turn-based tactics game was developed by the same company that produced Stardew Valley. Up to 4 players can wage war at once, and there is even the option to create your own maps and battle online.


(7th May)

Prepare for downhill free-riding action in Descenders! Experience the immersive thrill of extreme mountain biking with the help of procedurally generated worlds. No two rides will be the same and all your mistakes will have real consequences. Choose your style, group up with other similar players and help lead your downhill team to victory!

Surviving Mars

(9th May)

Surviving Mars asks you to build like your life depends on it… because it does. This sci-fi city builder is set on the red planet, where it’s your job to build and maintain the first human colonies. Many mysteries lie beneath the alien terrain as well. Help your people survive while you unlock the secrets (and the power) of Mars.


(9th May)

From Fullbright, the critically-acclaimed developer of Gone Home, comes a sci-fi narrative adventure with an equally as gripping story. Tacoma takes place in the year 2088 aboard a high-tech space station… but everyone is gone. All that remains is holographic recordings of how the crew lived their lives, and how they reacted when faced with an unforeseen disaster.

Black Desert

(9th May)

Talk about bang-for-your-buck! Many players have sunk hundreds, if not thousands of hours into this open-world sandbox-style massively multiplayer RPG. With action-packed combat, guild battles and one of the most detailed character creation tools ever available, Black Desert is a game any RPG fan should check out.

For the King

(10th May)

Looking for a challenge? Then look no further than For the King. This strategic RPG blends together elements of rogue-like and tabletop games to create a difficult and rewarding adventure. Play the game solo or group up for co-op play with friends locally or online.

The Surge

(16th May)

The Surge is a lot like a futuristic Dark Souls/Bloodborne. There are unforgiving enemies in your way, powerful bosses to take down and polished, satisfying melee combat to work with. As for backstory, The Surge starts with a first-day-on-the-job gone wrong.

When you awake after a catastrophe in the mega-corporation you work for, you find that you’ve been equipped with a super-human exoskeleton that’s capable of amazing things. You also find that there are a lot of insane co-workers and evil robots trying to kill you!

LEGO Batman 3

(16th May)

Are you DC Comics fan? Well then LEGO Batman 3 is the game for you. Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman and many more iconic DC characters are all playable in this crime-fighting LEGO journey. Play solo or multiplayer in this exciting and often hilarious adventure to that goes beyond Gotham City into outer space!


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