PlayStation Plus Games for October

A new month means new free games over at PlayStation Plus. For October, PS Plus members can choose from six great titles to download, across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita – as always, the varied selection means there’s something for everyone.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what you can get your virtual hands on as of October 6th:

Broken Age (PS4/PS Vita)


Spread across two acts, Broken Age focuses on two teenagers with no obvious connection: one lives in a fantastical land tormented by a race of giant creatures, and the other is alone on a spacecraft. Players get to explore the characters’ vivid worlds using simple point-and-click controls, and the game itself is stunning to look at.

Super Meat Boy (PS4/PS Vita)


This game is pretty much as bizarre as you’d imagine with that title. Players take control of a small character (Super Meat Boy) and guide him through more than 300 levels of platform-based adventure as he aims to rescue his girlfriend (Bandage Girl) from the evil Dr. Fetus. This is a challenging game in the tradition of Super Mario Bros., with plenty of replay value.

Unmechanical: Extended (PS4/PS3)


For gamers looking for something a little bit different, this 2.5D puzzle game is ideal. This is an expanded version of the successful original, with new bonuses and levels available. Problem-solving and exploration play a huge role in the game, with a wide variety of puzzles to solve; players take control of a cute little robot who is kidnapped and placed in a bizarre underground base – you need to escape, overcoming countless fiendish challenges along the way.

KickBeat (PS Vita/PS3)


This martial-arts-themed rhythm game blends music and fighting, with players fending off enemies (coming from all directions) using moves in time to fun tunes. The story sees the world’s music being taken, and players need to free it using the last 18 songs.

Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita/PS3)


Kung Fu Rabbit is a fun, cute little game full of charm and platforming action. As the master of a martial-arts school, you must set out to find kidnapped students, exploring a massive amount of small levels, taking down various types of enemies. The gameplay is simple, addictive, and brilliantly old-school.

Chariot ( PS3)


As far as concepts go, Chariot has a pretty great one: as a princess trying to do right by your recently-deceased king father, you need to collect his gold and jewels to ensure he’s buried with as much of his treasure as possible – dragging his coffin/chariot throughout the entire game with you. You need to figure out how to move the chariot from A to B, using just a tethered rope, as you pick up goods on the king’s behalf. This is gorgeous to look at, and great fun.

Well, that’s it for another month – what do you guys think of the line-up? Which games are you

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