PlayStation Plus Free Games for August

Looking for free games? PS Plus is the place to be, with another six titles rolling out in August: there’s space-based blasting, Japanese gangster shenanigans, and tower building all up for grabs.

Whether you’re a PS4 kind of guy, a PS3 gal, or more of a PS Vita loyalist, you can get your mitts on at least two games without having to pay a penny …


Tricky Towers

Tricky TowersCraving a physics-based puzzle game? Well, Tricky Towers is the thing for you.

Developed by the brilliantly-named WeirdBeard Games, this tasks you with building your own tower faster than your opponents. Two to four players can dive in and have fun, in local or multiplayer set-ups – and to make things even more competitive, those fiendish WeirdBearders have empowered you with magic. Why not cast some spells to throw your enemies off? It’s not cheating, honest!

Rebel Galaxy

Rebel GalaxyThis space RPG-adventure puts players in charge of a hulking ship in a beautifully-realised, randomly-generated universe. This helps to give the game a unique feel, as does the strictly 2D-movement your ship is restricted to.
Want to live out your Han Solo fantasies as a space-pirate? Want to indulge in a little bounty-hunting? No problem! It’s all here for you …


Yakuza 5


Yakuza 5 received terrific reviews when it was released back in 2012, with some calling it one of the best games ever to hit the PS3. This is a massive open-world adventure, set across three Japanese cities, with stunning visuals and plenty of things to see and do.


retro gradeThere really aren’t enough space-based rhythm-shooters on the market – which only helps to make Retro/Grade unique!

Retro/Grade puts players in an ace pilot’s shoes, as he repeats his last battle to keep the space-time continuum on track. Oh, and he has to play it through in reverse. There’s always a catch.

Retro/Grade is played to music, just like other rhythm games, and players can choose between a normal controller and a guitar controller. It’s not quite as immersive as Rebel Galaxy, but there’s plenty to enjoy here.

PS Vita

Patapon 3:

Patapon 3

Another rhythm game!

Patapon 3 is gorgeous, featuring cartoonish visuals that pop with colour. Players control the titular Patapons, tapping the right buttons to play their war drums, either in single-player or multiplayer.


UltratronThis is a more simplistic game perfect for the Vita. Like Robotron 2084, this is a fast-paced top-down shooter fans of retro gaming will lap up.

Players take on the role of a robot out to avenge humanity by wasting his evil robot-brethren. This is controlled using both sticks, not unlike Geomery Wars 3, and it supports two-player mode too.

What do you think of August’s free PSN games? Let us know!

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