Meet the Awesome Metro Exodus Weaponry

Metro Exodus Weaponry

One of our top 25 upcoming games of 2019, the Metro series’ realistic depiction of a post-apocalyptic scenario is what it’s known for. What could be a better example of this than the realistic and awesome Metro Exodus weaponry?

Like 2033 and Last Light, most of the Metro Exodus weaponry has been intricately pieced together by hand with scavenged parts. This means that each one feels, fires and sounds unique.

Below, you can take a look at the different weapon types you’ll use to keep yourself safe in the dangerous Russian wasteland. Each type is modifiable with parts you find along your journey. You’ll also need to keep each one clean so it can function properly when you need it most.

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Metro Exodus Weaponry


Known for being trusty pre-war tech, the handguns are always useful in the Metro Exodus weaponry lineup. Reduce the weight of your sidearms and increase their handing with smaller ammunition magazines. Or, add a sniper stock, scope, and long barrel for the most damage and accuracy. Pistols in Metro Exodus can be versatile at both long and short range. But, they’re not the best choice for fast-moving swarms of enemies– unless you go full auto!

Transform your pistols into the “bastard gun” from previous Metro games and increase its rate of fire. Using this bad boy is a quick and easy way to clear a room full of enemies. All the weapons in Exodus are modifiable to your heart’s content as long as you scavenge the materials you need.


From a single-shot, ultra-powerful secondary weapon to a full-auto death cannon, you can transform shotguns into a variety of close-range killing machines in Metro Exodus. Like the other weapons in the game, you can use shotguns to serve a variety of purposes; but they’re most at home with getting up close and personal!

Shotguns are the ideal choice when you need stopping power. Make sure you have one with you whenever you might encounter some of the larger beasts of the Russian wasteland.


The selection of Metro Exodus weaponry would not be complete without the Soviet-made AK-47.

The Kalash rifle in Metro Exodus is as widely used as it is powerful, durable and reliable. Remember, weapons can malfunction and degrade in Metro Exodus, so having one you trust is very important. If you had to choose only one weapon, the Kalash might be it.

But, add a scope, red-dot laser, and improved long barrel and you have the VEPR hunting rifle. This firearm is perfect for sniping from a distance. Many other options are available to improve precision, damage, or rate of fire, too. Keep in mind, though, that rifles in Metro Exodus are loud and not ideal for stealth encounters.

Special Weapons

These are the weapons you won’t expect because many of them have been developed after the world-ending war. One of the best examples is the Tikhar: a completely Metro-made rifle that’s been crafted from scavenged components. This gun silently propels ball bearings with deadly accuracy and precision, making it perfect for quick stealth kills. You can also upgrade to explosive incendiary ammunition for a spicy good time.

Like the Tikhar, the crossbow “Helsing” is another special weapon you want with you when you go out at night. With excellent damage and range, the only drawbacks are its low rate of fire and small magazine capacity. So, make sure you don’t miss.

Are you prepared to leave the Metro and explore the dangerous Russian wilderness this Friday? What are you looking forward to most about Metro Exodus? Let us know in the comments!