Mass Effect: 8 Awesome Moments

The Mass Effect trilogy told the tale of Commander Shepard, Tali, Garrus, and the rest of the Normandy’s merry little band of heroes brilliantly.

Still, not everyone walked away from the trilogy with the same warm, fuzzy feelings. Maybe you were so crushed by the original ending(s) to the third game that you tossed your controller across the room in disgust and never played it again.

Well, love it or loathe the way it ended, the journey itself was the important thing, and a fresh start for the Mass Effect franchise is getting closer and closer. Anyone who enjoyed the games will be awaiting the release of Andromeda with some excitement, and it sure looks like BioWare have done themselves proud.

Still, that’s some way off yet, so why not fill the Mass Effect-shaped void in our lives with a look back at the series’ greatest moments (so far)?

Oh, and before we forget – spoilers (obviously)!

Defying Gravity

defying-gravityAt the end of the first Mass Effect game, Shepard and company delve deep into the Citadel to confront the geth and stop Saren. This is an epic finale to the story, and seeing the Citadel (usually a peaceful, relaxed kind of hangout) reduced to a battleground is mouth-wateringly cool.

One of the highlights of this entire section? The moment when Shepard and pals begin a vertical journey in zero-gravity, using magnetised boots to keep themselves grounded. It’s a different way to experience the game’s fast-paced combat, and is a real feat of imagination. Good on you, BioWare!

Choosing to Save Ashley or Kaidan

choosing-to-save-ashley-or-kaidanChoices play a huge role in the world(s) of Mass Effect, and they’re rarely as easy as we’d like.

One of the harshest? When you’re forced to choose between saving Ashley (that brave, fiery soldier Shepard may have fallen for) and Kaidan. Whomever has to stay behind on Virmire to ensure the nuke explodes dies a hero – but deciding who you’d rather finish the game alongside is a killer.

What’s the smartest choice? Well, just take a look at the picture above and tell us Ashley’s not awesome. She certainly knows a thing or two about standing her ground.

Still, like us, you may have played through this section twice to try both …

The Normandy Goes Boom!

the-normandy-goes-boomMass Effect 2 opens with a bang, as the Normandy is attacked and you’re thrown into Shepard’s boots in a bid to get things sorted. Needless to say, it’s a tad more dynamic than the first game’s opening, and having the main character die right away was a bold move that paid off big time.

Busting a Move in the Club

busting-a-move-in-the-clubIn a series of games involving war, twisted aliens, ruthless AI, and heavy apocalyptic themes, you need a little light relief now and then.

And what better way to do this than with the freedom to boogie on down?

During his adventures, Shepard can visit a few different nightclubs and enjoy a dance, usually surrounded by hot aliens of various kinds. Though these are just brief snippets, it’s great to see Shepard doing something so … well, un-Shepard-like.

Getting Wasted

getting-wastedThis goes hand in hand with the above moment, but it’s good enough to stand on its own.

Whenever you visit a club, Shepard can go to the bar and drown his or her sorrows in booze. Do this enough times, and Shepard’s not averse to getting drunk – and, at one point, you wake on the floor of a toilet, no doubt trying to keep your space-lunch down.

Fighting the Reaper-Human

fighting-the-reaper-humanAt the end of Mass Effect 2, Shepard and his or her crew face down the Reaper-Human, a monstrous mix of organic and robotic lifeforms. It’s like something from a nightmare or a warped horror movie, and BioWare’s team pulled it off with aplomb.

While it’s surprisingly easy to beat, the Reaper-Human’s a fantastic boss, and not at all what you might expect.

Battling on the Streets of London

battling-on-the-streets-of-londonTowards the end of Mass Effect 3, you’re sent into London for a climactic battle on the streets. Everything’s ruined, dark, reduced to rubble – it’s not unlike the post-apocalyptic chaos seen in the The Terminator’s future-war scenes, and the action is just as visceral.

Depending on how well you’ve upgraded your characters, though, this mission can be a bit of a headache. Those Banshees are a pain in the butt, eh?

Goodbye, Vancouver

goodbye-vancouverMass Effect 3’s opening easily rivals the first few minutes of the second game: tossing you into a stunning futuristic Vancouver just as a Reaper invades. Shepard and Admiral Anderson have to fight their way to a spaceport before they get wiped out with everyone else.

It’s a frantic, fast-paced way to launch the final game of the trilogy, and throws you into the action-centric style.

With Mass Effect: Andromeda looming on the horizon, there’s lots of awesome new moments to look forward to – fingers crossed we get another amazing trilogy!

What are your favourite bits from the Mass Effect trilogy? Let us know!

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