Just Cause 3 Preview

When Just Cause was released back in 2006, its impressive open-world mechanics earned it some widespread acclaim, but it failed to set the gaming world on fire. Playing like an interactive action movie, the game allowed players to commandeer cars, boats, airplanes, motorbikes, and helicopters, as well as perform radical stunts (like jumping from the roof of one car to another while in motion); numerous other innovative elements – such as base-jumping and skydiving – also helped to attract a decent audience.

When a sequel hit the market in 2010, it was seen as an improvement, drawing praise for its chaotic variety and open-ended gameplay – one big hit with gamers was the inclusion of a grappling hook, which allowed the player to tether enemies to objects (and each other), swing from helicopters, and combine it with the parachute feature for fast, fun transportation around the massive island of Medici.

With Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios looks set to provide players with an even more exciting, flexible world to play with – so what can we expect?

Take to the Air

Just cause 1

The parachute has always been one of Just Cause’s most impressive features, but the developers are taking this up a notch for the latest instalment: Rico (the game’s protagonist) now has a brand new wingsuit! This allows the player to enjoy an even more intuitive, fluid method of transportation – simply jumping from height and deploying the wingsuit will start a smooth glide from one area to another (performing the same function as Batman’s cape in the Arkham series).

Thanks to this addition, Rico can now take part in even more ridiculous stunts straight from the brain of a warped Hollywood director – like driving cars off a cliff at top speed, only to disembark in freefall and glide to a nearby vantage point. With many players already racking up more than 100 hours in the previous game, it’s likely these same fans will find countless new ways to have fun with these new dynamics.
Just Cause 2

The trusty grappling hook has also been overhauled, allowing the player to tether three objects together for additional mayhem. The Chaos mechanic returns, with Rico progressing further through the game – and enjoying access to new weapons and vehicles – as the player completes missions and destroys government property (all in the name of ousting the fictional island of Medici’s brutal dictator, General Di Ravello).

Chaos Objects in the game explode in stupendous, cinematic fashion – this time around, they’re physics-driven, providing players with the ability to enjoy more interaction with them. Of course, tethering enemies to explosive gas cylinders will provide hours of fun, so actually progressing through the storyline may take some time!

just cause 3

One Mission at a Time

Speaking of the storyline, Avalanche Studios is looking to give missions an even more open-ended structure, allowing goals to be met in a variety of ways. Players can liberate settlements as and when they see fit, in any order they like – or simply entertain themselves by exploring the gorgeous world the developers have created.

While Medici is of a similar size to that seen in Just Cause 2, its volumetric terrain has been increased, providing more verticality – equalling more freedom for the player (and more airspace to enjoy playing with that wingsuit and parachute). As well as the 400 square miles available for explanation above ground, subterranean caverns have now been added, giving Rico more territory to explore.

just cause 4

Players now no longer need to ‘buy’ C4 as in previous entries – Rico now has access to infinite explosives, providing ample opportunity to cause monumental destruction against the General’s cruel regime. This adds to the overall ‘go-for-it’ feel the development team has given the game, apparently pushing players further and further to enjoy every last bit of fun the environment has to offer.

As well as getting rid of the in-game currency altogether, Avalanche Studios has confirmed the game will feature no microtransactions – something sure to please many gamers in a world where high-priced DLC is the norm.

With gorgeous visuals, a massive sandbox to go crazy in, impressive freedom, and exciting new features, Just Cause 3 looks set to really give gamers something to look forward to. While no release date has been confirmed yet, it’s expected to hit the market before the end of the year.

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