Football Manager 2015 Preview

Football Manager 2015 is set for release in the first week of November, and a lot of fans of the franchise are getting incredibly excited for the new release. Is there enough new content in Football Manager 2015 to make it worth getting excited about, or is it a waste of time? In this blog, we take a look at what we currently know about the upcoming game.

football manager 2015Better Management Styles

Football Manager has always been about managing your teams, but in Football Manager 2015, more effort has gone into allowing players to have more customisation options for their manager, who is ultimately who they will be playing as.

The most interesting addition to the manager side of things in Football Manager 2015 is the new management styles. In the new Football Manager, you will be able to pick and choose from a range of different criteria as soon as you start up a new game.

Whether you want to be a more physically active coach, or manage the team from the side-line in a suave suit, you’ll be able to choose in FM 2015. As your team progresses, so will you, and you will unlock new coaching badges as your team grows in experience.

Improved Match View

The new match view in Football Manager 2015 is a huge improvement from its predecessor. 2,000 new motion-captured animations have been added to match view, as well as better ball physics and improved lighting, among other things, like new stadium graphics.

The match view in Football Manager 2015 is no way near as good as FIFA 15, but seeing as the game is primarily focused on the managing of a team, the new match view changes are a nice addition to the game, and I’m sure a lot of players are going to enjoy the changes.

Better UI

I don’t think I have seen a game where the user interface is more important than it is in Football Manager, and in the latest game, the UI has seen a range of new improvements. The interface in Football Manager 2015 has completely been redesigned, and from the screens we have seen so far, it’s looking pretty good.

Some may prefer the older Football Manager UI, but we believe the new one to be sleeker and much easier to navigate.

Job Interviews Improved

Remember when job interviews were added to Football Manager 2014? Back then, it seemed like a far-fetched idea, but it fit right into the core elements of the game, and we must say that we’re very excited to see improvements being made to the job interview system this year.

Bucket loads more interview questions have been added, and they will increase in complexity as you progress through your career.

Finance Updates

For all those splashing cash on FM 2014, be prepared, the finance updates in 2015 will make your financial decisions more important than ever, and sticking to a nice stream of cash will be a nice challenge all the way through your career.

Release Date

Football Manager 2015 is set for release on November 7th for Windows and Mac, however, customers can choose to purchase the version with early beta access. You can check out our great offers for Football Manager 2015 here.

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