FIFA 23 – Pro Clubs Guide

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs – What is it?

Pro Clubs is one of the most popular ways to play FIFA 23 online with friends– and this time around it’s better than ever.

Never tried Pro Clubs before? The main difference between Pro Clubs and the typical FIFA experience is that you’re in control of only one player on the pitch; other gamers (locally or online) fill out the rest of the slots in full 11v11 matches. It’s your job to play your position and level up your Pro avatar to become the best footballer you can be.

In FIFA 23, there are more ways than ever to upgrade your Virtual Pro. Even if you only have a few minutes to play each day. In fact, almost everything about the game mode has been improved by features like drop-in enhancement, better customization, new perks, and even cross-XP from VOLTA matches!

If FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Cross Platform?

FIFA 23 devs “focused” on bringing cross-play to Pro Clubs | The Loadout

FIFA 23’s Pro Clubs mode does not support cross-play… yet?

One of the best things about FIFA 23 is that almost all of the game modes support coss-play straight from launch. Pro Clubs, unfortunately, is not one of them… at least for right now. According to an official blog post from EA, the FIFA 23 team is working hard to improve matchmaking in Pro Clubs and other multiplayer modes, “as well as cross-platform lobby invites and ultimately cross-platform Pro Clubs.”

In FIFA 23, cross-play is available for players on the same platform generation. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC versions of FIFA 23 are cross-play compatible with one another; and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 23 are cross-play compatible.

What’s New to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs – FIFPlay

In FIFA 23, Pro Clubs offers even more ways to customize and grow your Pro by playing your way. First, Skill Games have been updated to include 66 different activities to sharpen your skills. Try them out while you wait for your mates to log on for a match. Compete for bragging rights across the leaderboards and earn Player Growth XP up to a weekly cap.

And now, Seasonal Progression has been integrated with Pro Clubs in FIFA 23. This means: whether you’re playing VOLTA or Pro Clubs, you’ll earn Seasonal Points that will unlock new gear for your Pro character. New Perks have been added too– one for Attacking, one Chance Creation, and two Defensive. Unlock them all to refine your play style.

Lastly, all the improvements from HyperMotion 2 can been seen throughout the revamped Pro Clubs game mode. The gameplay in FIFA 23 is simply the best looking and feeling that it has ever been.


That’s everything you need to know about Pro Clubs in FIFA 23. If you’re ready to squad up and create your own custom Pro, you can pick up your copy of FIFA 23 (on sale now) from CDKeys.

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