Massive Discount on FIFA 18 FUT Points | How to Use Them in FIFA 19 Before December 31st

fifa 19 fut points

It’s almost the end of the year, which means now is the last time ever that FIFA 18 FUT points will be useable in FIFA 19. This also means that you can grab 2200 FIFA 18 points for 81% off right now in our webstore!

If you’re planning on playing FIFA 19 for the first time thanks to our Christmas sale, this is a great way to start your game off right. Simply buy FIFA 18 points for cheap, and then transfer them over to your new game when you start it up. Below is everything you need to know.

How to Get Discounted FIFA 19 Points

For a limited time, you can buy FIFA 18 FUT points for a massive discount over on our webstore. You can then use these points in FIFA 18, or, transfer them over to your FIFA 19 game. It requires a little extra effort, but basically, you’re getting FIFA 19 FUT points for 81% off! Here’s how you do it.

After you purchase the full version of FIFA 19, when you log in for the first time you’ll see a notification that shows you how to transfer your points. Follow the prompts, and you’re done. It’s that easy.

Just keep in mind these three important things:

  1. You will only have the option of transferring FIFA 18 points over to FIFA 19 the first time you log into FUT. If you’ve already done it once, you cannot do it again.
  2. You can only transfer FIFA points on the same console or PC– meaning, you can’t send them to your friend’s Xbox.
  3. Once you go ahead with the transfer, that it, it’s not reversible.

Buy FIFA 18 FUT Points Now

The clock is ticking! FIFA 18 points will only work in FIFA 19 through December 31, 2018! And this deal will only last until we sell out– no restocks! To find out more about how FUT points work in FIFA 19, head to our blog post on it where you can also browse our selection of point packages.