Gold Road Expansion = Best Time Ever to Play the Elder Scrolls Online

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It’s time to return to Tamriel– The West Weald to be exact.

For the first time since “Oblivion” in 2006, The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road expansion returns players to this bountiful and mysterious location. But this expansion is much more than just a nostalgic romp. Similar to Oblivion, there’s the small problem of a rampaging Daedric Prince to thwart… Which is one of 5 reasons why right now is the best time in the MMORPG’s 10-year history to play.

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Community and Crossplay

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road - The Elder Scrolls Online

First and foremost, The ESO community has grown into one of the friendliest and most active in the MMORPG world. With a large, diverse player base, you’ll always find others to join you in dungeons, raids, and PvP battles. The community is known for its helpfulness, with veteran players often providing guidance and support to newcomers. Regular events, both in-game and community-driven, create a lively atmosphere where players can engage, collaborate, and compete.

Plus, ESO offers cross-platform play, which means you can team up with friends no matter what platform they’re using, whether it’s PC, Mac, PlayStation, or Xbox. This versatility makes it easier to connect with a broader range of players and enhances the cooperative experience.

Gold Road Is All You Need

The Elder Scrolls Online Upgrade: Gold Road

Secondly, in addition to all of the brand-new content it includes, Gold Road instantly unlocks every other expansion from ESO’s 10-year history.

No game subscription is required—buy once, play anytime. Plus, if you crave the complete ESO experience, you purchase The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Gold Road or The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Gold Road. This will get you instant access to all previously released chapter zones, biomes, and quest arcs from across Tamriel.

Explore Three Nostalgia-Inducing Biomes


Attention all Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion fans! It’s time to continue your epic adventures through Tamriel, or start one anew in the Gold Road expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. This massive update brings to life a vast new region, filled with breathtaking landscapes, ancient ruins, and bustling cities.

Players can immerse themselves in a richly woven narrative, uncovering the secrets of the Colovian region of the West Weald (which you may remember fondly from 2006’s “Oblivion”).

New Scribing System

What is Scribing? The new ESO system coming in Gold Road - Dexerto

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road introduces an innovative new Scribing system, adding depth and versatility to the game’s crafting mechanics. This system allows players to create powerful scrolls and glyphs by inscribing ancient runes discovered throughout the Gold Road region. These crafted items can enhance weapons, armor, and other gear with unique buffs and abilities, providing strategic advantages in both combat and exploration. The Scribing system encourages players to explore the new region thoroughly, as finding rare runes and mastering the intricacies of inscription becomes a rewarding and integral part of the gameplay experience.

The Journey Continues After The Gold Road Ends

Pre-purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road on Steam

The Gold Road isn’t the only major release in 2024. The Elder Scrolls Online 2024 content roadmap promises an exciting year filled with new adventures, features, and enhancements that will keep you fully immersed in the world of Tamriel. A dungeon DLC pack dropped in March, and after the massive Gold Road release, here are some of the key highlights you can look forward to in the year to come:

Quarter 3: The Dragonhold Reborn

  • Dragonhold Zone: A revamped and expanded version of the iconic Dragonhold zone, featuring new quests, bosses, and storylines.
  • Dragon Hunts: Cooperative world events where players band together to hunt down fearsome dragons, earning unique loot and achievements.
  • New Gear Sets: Addition of powerful new weapons and armor sets that provide strategic advantages and customization options.

Quarter 4: The Enchanted Isles

  • New Zone: The Enchanted Isles, a mystical and visually stunning archipelago with its own unique ecosystem and lore.
  • Magic System Expansion: Enhancements to the magic system, introducing new spells, abilities, and magical gear.
  • Endgame Content: Introduction of challenging endgame content. This includes raids and high-level dungeons designed for experienced players seeking the ultimate test of their skills.

Ongoing Throughout the Year

  • Community Events: Regular community-driven events and activities to engage the player base and foster a vibrant, active community.
  • Technical Improvements: Continuous optimization and technical updates to ensure smooth gameplay and address player feedback.
  • Story Expansions: Ongoing additions to the main storyline and side quests, expanding the rich lore and narrative of ESO.


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