Destiny 2: The Final Shape | the Beginning of the End

The Final Shape

The moment we’ve been waiting for is here, fellow Guardians! Destiny 2: The Final Shape has arrived with the thrilling conclusion to a saga that has captivated players for years. Bungie’s latest expansion promises to be a game-changer; packed with intense action, gripping storytelling, and groundbreaking features that will redefine the Destiny experience. Here’s why you should be excited about Destiny 2: The Final Shape and why it’s the perfect time to dive back in.

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It’s Time to Confront Oblivion

The Final Shape is the climactic end to the Light and Darkness saga, bringing closure to a storyline that has spanned multiple expansions and an entire decade. Prepare to face the ultimate enemy, witness breathtaking revelations, and uncover secrets that will forever change the Destiny universe. The campaign promises to be emotionally charged, tying up loose ends and delivering a satisfying conclusion to years of intricate storytelling. This is the best time ever for both brand new and veteran Destiny 2 players alike.

Enter The Pale Heart

The new locations in The Final Shape push the boundaries of Destiny’s world-building. Explore realms that blend reality and surrealism, that are as mysterious as they are deadly. Each new environment is meticulously crafted to immerse players in the lore and atmosphere of the game’s final battle.

So what is “The Final Shape” exactly? To put it plainly… it’s a mysterious and surreal new location that Bungie describes as “a nightmarish calcification of reality into the Witness’s twisted design.” This mysterious realm is a metaphysical and ever-changing landscape that exists between reality and dimensions that seem to defy physics itself.

In addition to exploring this “Final Shape,” players will also revisit familiar locations across the Destiny universe, tying together the narrative threads from previous expansions.

Time to Get Prismatic

In addition to each Guardian class earning one new Super ability, The Final Shape expansion will add an entirely new subclass known as “Prismatic”.  For the first time ever, you’ll be able to mix and match features from both Light and Dark subclasses to create a unique cocktail of powerful abilities. Not to mention, Prismatic Guardians will also unlock an arsenal of new grenades with combined energies too; offering players a fresh and dynamic way to approach combat and customization.

An Exotic for Everyone

Destination Weapons

The Prismatic subclass introduces some of the biggest changes to the gameplay in Destiny 2, and you can bet that most players will want to cook up some overpowered combos right from the start. The developers took this into account, and much of the new Exotic gear in the Final Shape is actually designed to complement the newfound powers of Prismatic Guardians.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite of the many, many new Exotics coming your way in The Final Shape.

Exotic Weapons

  1. Arcstrider’s Wrath: This Exotic bow releases electrified arrows that chain lightning between enemies. Excellent for crowd control.
  2. Voidcaller’s Embrace: A hand cannon that generates gravitational waves, pulling foes into a singularity and causing area-of-effect damage. This weapon is perfect for controlling the battlefield and taking down clustered enemies.
  3. Solar Flare: A sniper rifle that ignites enemies with solar energy upon precision hits, causing explosive area damage. This weapon is ideal for players who prefer long-range combat and want to deal massive damage to both single targets and groups.

Exotic Armor

  1. Helm of the Ascendant: This helmet enhances the Prismatic subclass abilities, reducing cooldown times and increasing the potency of elemental effects. It’s a must-have for players looking to maximize their new subclass.
  2. Gauntlets of Harmonization: These gauntlets provide increased melee damage and grant an overshield when using abilities from different elements in quick succession, encouraging dynamic combat strategies.
  3. Chestplate of Convergence: This chest armor reduces incoming damage when switching between elemental affinities, providing added protection and encouraging versatility.

The Final Shape Is the Beginning of the End


Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date and time |

The Final Shape marks the start of a new episode-based roadmap that’ll be revealed throughout the rest of 2024 (and even into 2025). The new expansion will roll out three different episodes (instead of four seasons), each with three acts. Each one of these episodes will reveal new missions, new stories, and of course new exotic weapons/armor.

The main event is undoubtedly the campaign. But developer/produced Bungie has a lot more than that up their sleeve. Everything below will be available at or near launch (June 4):

  • Arc Hunters, Void Titans, and Solar Warlocks get new Supers
  • The new subclass “Prismatic” which combines both Light and Dark
  • The Pale Heart –  a brand new destination
  • The Dread – an all new enemy faction under the control of The Witness
  • New Exotic Weapons and Armor
  • Two Dungeons available during the first year of The Final Shape
  • The return of classic Exotics (Red Death, and Dragon’s Breath!)
  • Salvation’s Edge, a new Raid
  • A new Strike set
  • Exotic Class items
  • Aaaand a a lot more (click here)


Destiny 2: The Final Shape is more than just an expansion. It’s the culmination of years of epic storytelling, intense gameplay, and community building. The end is just the beginning. See you in the stars, Guardians!


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