E3 2016: Bethesda’s Fallout 4 VR Upgrade, Mass Effect’s New Team, and More


Last year, Bethesda’s E3 presentation was dominated by Fallout 4. With that game done and dusted, what did the gaming giant have to show off at this year’s expo instead?

Why, a new version of of Fallout 4, of course!

While the series has always given players a deep, immersive experience, this is set to be one-upped with a sweet, sweet transition to virtual reality.

Systems like Vive and Oculus are finally bringing the long-awaited affordable, mainstream version of VR to the market, and Fallout 4 should be an incredible step forward for the franchise. Players will get to actually become the Lone Wanderer, but without the scurvy, starvation, or fear of giant man-eating insects.

So, how does it work? Bethesda’s E3 demonstration allowed players to sample an early part of the game, offering just enough to get a feel for the new experience. The Red Rocket gas station was the scene of the demo, and lucky players got to experiment with the overhauled mechanics: rather than twiddling and tapping at a controller or keyboard to move, you can actually walk around in the small playing space, or use a remote to teleport from one spot to another.

The Pip-Boy is no longer accessed by hitting a button; instead, it’s always on your virtual wrist, accessible with a quick movement. Shooting raiders and other bad guys in the face is a simple case of pulling a firearm and pulling the controller’s trigger.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, fans’ response to the new VR version of Fallout 4 was overall positive, but some issues reared their heads: moving via teleportation looks to be slower than actually walking; interacting with other characters is still to be demonstrated; and the world itself doesn’t feel quite as easy to manipulate as it should.

However, being able to explore the Wasteland up close and personal is the big draw, and this is about putting a fresh spin on the Fallout experience, not simply rehashing the game with a slight tweak. We can’t wait to see more.

We’re also excited to see how the recent Doom reboot will fare in its forthcoming VR form, too – chainsawing demons apart with your own hands? Yes please.

Mass Effect Andromeda: New Faces, New Worlds

Mass Effect Andromeda  New Faces, New Worlds

The Mass Effect trilogy is a beautiful thing, despite the finale leaving some players disgruntled (to say the least). With the next game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare is bringing us a new galaxy, new characters, and a new story to delve into.

EA released a new trailer at E3, and while it doesn’t show off as much actual gameplay as we all would have liked, it’s still pretty jaw-dropping. The visuals themselves are stunning, with incredible animations and locations brimming with character. We also get to see the new female lead’s default look in the trailer’s final moments – Ryder.

Of course, anyone preferring to play as a male should be able to tweak this in the extensive customization stage, as they could first time around.

We also know that alien worlds can be explored once again, in a similar style to that of the first game; this should help to flesh the universe out, and make space-faring a deeper experience than the probe-based scavenging of the last two games.

BioWare have still left many details hanging, but they have promised Mass Effect: Andromeda will be their most ambitious game to date. With the team freed from the lore and complex continuity of the previous three instalments, this new journey through the Mass Effect universe has so much potential – and, with that, a lot of people to impress. Fans wasted no time letting BioWare know how disappointed they were with ME3’s original ending, and the team is aware of the expectations.

Fingers crossed that Andromeda is everything it looks to be so far.


EA also showcased other impressive games during their presentation, including Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and a slate of new Star Wars titles. This last point is enough to have fans foaming at the mouth, especially with confirmation that one will be written by Amy Henning, known for her work on the first three Uncharted games.

What do you think of Fallout’s move to VR? Did you like the trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda? Let us know!

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