Devil May Cry 5 | Story, Characters, Launch Times, and Everything Else You Need to Know

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Capcom’s critically acclaimed series is set to return for another round of fast-paced demon-slaying action. Are you prepared for the Devil May Cry 5 launch on Friday? If not, we’ve got everything you need to know to help you get ready for one of 2019’s biggest releases.

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The Story So Far

Devil May Cry 5 is the first entry in the game’s main series since 2008! Capcom has put years of time and effort into the most ambitious DMC game ever, and likely the last.

First, check out the video above to catch up on the story. It covers everything from the lore behind the original game to the pivotal events leading up to DMC 5. Next, we’ll introduce you to the game’s characters (and their weaponry) one-by-one.

Playable Characters


The Strongest Demon Slayer

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The original hunter is back with his original weaponry in Devil May Cry 5.

Dante comes equipped with: “Rebellion” a massive sword that he wields with ease, a modified shotgun named “Coyote-A”, and his rapid-fire pistols “Ebony” and “Ivory”. But that’s not all he’s packing…

In addition to the classics, Dante can utilize “Balrog” (a possessed Devil Arm), the legendary Devil Sword “Sparda” and even a motorcycle named Cavaliere – yes, you can obliterate monsters with a demonically charged motorbike in DMC 5.

Build up your Devil Trigger gauge to transform in demon form and unleash crazy combos with your various weapons.


The Young Devil Hunter

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This Devil Hunter for hire once had the power of a powerful demonic arm at his disposal. But, after it was viciously ripped off in the events leading up to DMC 5, Nero now wields a weaponised prosthetic in its place.

This “Devil Breaker”, as it’s called, is capable of pulling off a whole host of crazy demon slaying combos. Combined with “Blue Rose” (a piercing 6-shot revolver) and “Red Queen” (a demon cleaver that revs up like a motorcycle), and Nero is a force to be reckoned with.


The Mysterious One

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V, the newest character to join the fight, relies on powerful summoned beasts to do his demon-slaying job. He can summon Griffon (a vicious crow-like beast) for ranged attacks, and Shadow (a panther-like creature) for close combat.

When his power is fully charged, V can unleash a devastating “gargantuan demon” on his foes. This beast is nearly invulnerable and can obliterate enemies with a powerful laser beam or even its own two gargantuan hands. Nothing stands in the way of V.

Devil May Cry 5 Global Launch Times and File Size

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Eager to start playing? We don’t blame you. Devil May Cry 5 releases worldwide at 12:00am (midnight) EST on Friday, so, depending on which time zone you’re located in, you may be able to play the game a little sooner than the 8th March release date. Here are the official launch times:

9:00pm PST – 7th March

12:00am (midnight) EST – 8th March

5:00am UTC – 8th March

2:00pm JST – 8th March

File Size

Wondering if you have enough space for all the DMC 5 action? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Xbox One = 32.99 GB
  • PS4 = 31.35 GB
  • PC = 35 GB

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