Dead by Daylight Anniversary Event | New Challenges, Deals, Items and More for a Limited Time

The Executioner Lore - Dead by Daylight

Celebrate 5 years of frightful fun with the Dead By Daylight Anniversary event! This is your chance to take advantage of special deals, community challenges, Iridescent Shard giveaways, and a terrifyingly festive atmosphere.  We’ve got all the details on the Anniversary event for you below, and (as usual) we have discounts on the Dead By Daylight base game and many of the expansion packs in the CDKeys store.

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Dead by Daylight  – Limited-Time Event

You’re invited to Dead by Daylight’s 5th birthday! Log in to celebrate with special events, free shards, exclusive outfits and more from now through July 15th. Here’s a look at what you can expect:


First up, let’s talk about what’s free. Just by booting up the game, you’ll be treated to 9,000 Iridescent Shards over the first 7 days of the Anniversary event. That’ll add up to enough to purchase an entirely original character! Plus, each player will also receive a 500,000 Bloodpoint thankyou gift, courtesy of the Dead by Daylight team.

New Anniversary Crowns

Claim a celebratory cosmetic that’s yours to keep… but you’ll have to earn it first. Anniversary Crowns are back and better than ever, and can be claimed by either Killers or Survivors. Here’s how it works:

“Special Crown Pedestals will spawn inside of every trial. Discover and interact with them to gain a golden glow that will stay with you for the rest of the match. Go on to escape the trial as a Survivor, or simply complete the trial as a Killer and this celebratory cosmetic is your keep.

Community Spirit

All of the Anniversary Crowns that you (and everyone else who plays the game) collect contribute toward a community goal! Do your part to earn exclusive cosmetics for yourself and the entire DBD community; including outfits for The Wraith and David King!

Perks for Less

Perks will be on sale throughout the Anniversary event, and the Shrine of Secrets will be on a daily rotation for almost every single character in the game. Each perk will be 500 Iridescent Shards off– a perfect use for those 9,000 you’ll get by just starting up the game!

Festive Fear

Last but not least, the Entity’s Realm has been decked out for the occasion. “From custom loading screens to the return of confetti-launching Flashlights, Med Kits, and Toolboxes, to environmental flourishes for generators, hooks, lockers, and barrels; playing during the event will feel anything but ordinary. “ We’ll see you in the fog…

New to Dead By Daylight?

Dead By Daylight is a heart-pounding, multiplayer horror experience where you work to survive… or kill in a 4v1 competitive scenario. Cross-play is supported via PC, PlayStation, and Xbox– and it’s even available on Game Pass.

Will you choose to be the brutal murderer or one of the four Survivors struggling to escape? Each new game presents unexpected scenarios, and each Killer/Survivor possesses powerful powers and perks.

Despite releasing 5 years ago, Dead by Daylight has maintained its popularity by consistently providing exciting new content in the form of “chapters”. These chapters include new Killers, Survivors, perks, and a variety of other add-ons. Many of these chapters also feature collaborations with legendary horror franchises– like Saw, Scream, Evil Dead, and recently Silent Hill.

Jump into the action of the base game while it’s on sale in the CDKeys store! Or, upgrade your experience with our extensive selection of DLC deals.

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