Darksiders 3 Is Out Now | Prepare for Hell on Earth

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Fans have been waiting over 6 years for this third entry in the series– and it looks like it was worth it. If hack-and-slash action games are your thing, Darksiders 3 is one of the best to come out in a long time.

Darksiders 3 Hell on Earth

Darksiders 3 brings you to a war-torn, half-destroyed Earth. You’ll play as “Fury” (Sister-Horseman of the Apocalypse), and your job is to hunt down and rid the world of the Seven Deadly Sins. Sounds easy, right? Don’t worry, you’ll have your trusty whip along with new powers and abilities to wield along your journey.

Balance vs. Chaos

Earth has been completely overrun and the streets are filled with the minions of the Seven Deadly Sins. This can’t stand. It’s now up to you, Fury, to restore the balance between good and evil. The Charred Council has called upon you to prove that you are the most powerful of your siblings. So, take the battle to your enemies! Venture between the devastated streets of Earth to the halls of Heaven and even down through the depths of Hell in this RPG action-adventure.

Time to Whip Evil Into Shape

The world of Darksiders is dynamic and open-ended, so you can move between environments as you see fit. Return to past areas to unlock achievements and uncover secrets. Fury’s magic and whip are her main weapons in Darksiders 3 so it’s crucial to customise and upgrade each one to achieve its fullest potential. And don’t expect an easy fight. Defeating the 7 Deadly Sins is the main objective, but you’re going to have to get through their minions first. Anything from mystical beasts, to mutated, psychotic horrors could be coming your way in Darksiders 3.

The Wait Is Over and There’s Even More Coming Soon

Darksiders 3 is out now, and two new expansions are already promised for the near future. Developer Gunfire Games has promised that “The Crucible” and “Keepers of the Void” are coming soon, and both will feature “new puzzles, weapons, enemies, and armour!”

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