Before You Buy Atomic Heart | 5 Things You Need to Know

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We’ve been waiting for Atomic Heart for years now, and for a good amount of time, it looked like it might never see the light of day. Now, finally, the wait is over; and the question now is to buy, or not to buy (or, to play it on Game Pass).

The 5 answers below should help you with your purchasing dilemma. But if it really all comes down to price for you– this link will save you all the trouble of reading:

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Atomic Heart | Basic Information

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Release Date: 20th February 2023

Developer/Publisher: Mundfish/Focus Entertainment

Platforms:  PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Content Rating: “Mature”–  Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Nudity

According to the game’s developer, Atomic Heart will require around 25 hours to complete the main story. However, completionists can expect approximately 35 to 40 hours of game time. Atomic Heart’s gameplay comes in three different difficulties: easy, normal, and hard. And how long it takes you to beat the game will likely depend on which one you choose; with the easy mode being more like a “story mode” according to the game’s creative director.

Is Atomic Heart on Game Pass?

Here are 5 hours of leaked gameplay footage from Atomic Heart

Yes. Atomic Heart was added to Xbox Game Pass (for console and PC) on the same day it was released worldwide. This means that for the price of a one-month subscription, you can play Atomic Heart (and any of the 100+ other games) 24/7 until your membership expires. Explore all of the Game Pass deals currently available over in the CDKeys store.

Is Atomic Heart Open World?

Is Atomic Heart open world?

Sort of…?

In Facility 3826, where Atomic Heart takes, the player is free to free to walk, drive, and even swim through a massively detailed sandbox-style map. However, don’t expect the type of openness that Skyrim or other Bethesda RPGs provide. Instead, developer Mundfish have crafted something unique, as game director Rober Bagratuni explains:

The world of Atomic Heart is quite large, but creating a completely open world doesn’t always work well. We were aiming for more narrative consistency here, but not to turn it into a huge map with points of interest where you go from one issue to the next, completely forgetting about the story.

When the player exits the first underground complex, where he is just beginning to immerse in the story and understand the strengths of his character, an open world awaits them. There are many interesting territories in the open world and also carefully hidden optional locations.

Is Atomic Heart Multiplayer?

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Like Hogwarts Legacy, Atomic Heart is a strictly single-player experience– at least at launch. Developer Mundfish has hinted that forthcoming DLC will “greatly expand the features” of the game… so who knows what that could include. Hopefully a co-op mode!

Is Atomic Heart Like Fallout, Bioshock, or Maybe Half-Life?

Atomic Heart draws influence from all of the above and creates something new and special in the process. Like the modern Wolfenstein games, this FPS presents a detailed version of an alternate, sci-fi/horror history.

At first, this alternate version of the Soviet Union in 1955 seems like a utopian dream world… “But what kind of effort does it take to build an ideal society,” the game asks; “and what is the price of such a society?”

Civilian robots, designed to help people, rebelled against their creators. Secret experiments of scientists were the reason why the terrible mutant monsters came to be. Giant machines and bloodthirsty creatures – all of them will become obstacles on the way to completing a secret mission.

Uncovering the secrets within the depths of Facility 3826 will be no easy task, and, as Major of Intelligence “P-3” will soon find out, the truth will have to be paid in blood.


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