5 New Year’s Resolutions for Gamers

How many New Year’s resolutions have you kept over the years?

For some of us, the same ones get rolled out again and again. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to run a marathon. Maybe you want to give more money to charity.

Well, no matter how noble or life-changing a particular resolution may be, sticking to them is hard.

You stand more chance of sticking to a New Year’s resolution if it actually holds your interest. And what’s more likely to do that than games?

Check out these five ideas for gaming New Year’s resolutions …

Play in More Genres


It’s easy to stick to one or two genres. Some days, when you get back from work or school, or whatever else devours time you’d rather spend with a controller in your hands, all you want is to shoot bad guys or play another match on Fifa.

Still, there’s a whole range of genres out there in the gaming world. Real-time strategies. Role-playing games. Racers. Platformers. Fighters. Survival horrors. Puzzle games. Graphic adventures.

It goes on and on. Some genres just won’t work for you, but you don’t know until you try. Perhaps that RTS you choose over another FPS will turn out to be the best purchase you make in a long time!

Go Back to Your Gaming Roots


What was your first console or computer? Did you start with the NES, or the PS2? Are you old enough to have played on the Atari 2600, or the Commodore 64?

Over the years, we play countless games on different consoles – and it’s always good, nostalgic fun to go back and try those older titles you used to love so much.

Not only will it bring back good memories, it’ll also help remind you just how far gaming’s come, and make you appreciate today’s advanced software and hardware more than ever.

You might rediscover gaming experiences you’d long-forgotten about …

Aim for 100% on More Games


In the past, you’d get to the end of a game, watch a poorly-animated cut-scene or stare at a screen with CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE GAME! emblazoned across it, and have nothing else to come back for.

That doesn’t mean you’d never touch it again – the best games will keep you coming back again and again, even if you’re only doing the same things. There were just unlikely to be any secrets or unlockable content.

Now, though, so many releases put dozens (potentially hundreds) of hours’ worth of gameplay in front of you. Just think of Fallout 4, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3. Think of all the different routes you can take, the side-quests, the upgrades …

Sticking with a game for long enough to reach 100% isn’t easy, especially when there are plenty of others out there to try, but that sense of finality can bring a real feeling of achievement. It also helps you to feel like you’ve gotten the full potential and value for money a game offers.

There’s no harm in stopping short of full completion (we’ve all done it!), but putting in the time to get the most out of your games might just help you appreciate your favourites even more.

Be the Most Reliable Team-Member You Can


When you’re a member of a guild or a team, it’s easy to let things slide from time to time.

Maybe you’re struggling to find the hours to contribute as much as you used to, or can’t quite get into a certain role within a team.

Still, if you want to stay part of a community, it’s worth putting in the hours to fulfil your role for the sense of camaraderie, achievement, and potential loot. Who knows? You might even get good enough to become a pro and earn serious cash!

Make More Time for Gaming!


This might be the most important resolution of all!

Too often, life gets in the way of things we enjoy doing, and that make us feel good. Soon enough, you can find yourself spending less and less time doing them … until you stop altogether.

Well, don’t let your gaming fall by the wayside. Find time wherever you can, even if it’s just a few minutes here and there, to fit in more of your favourite hobby. You’ll feel good and give your brain a bit of a workout, and can even use the promise of time spent gaming as motivation to finish a certain chore or task.

Mobile games are ideal for this, and plenty of classic titles are available across Android and iOS. You can dive into Sonic 2 or Knights of the Old Republic when you’re away from your console or PC, or try a Telltale game on your tablet.

So, that’s it – five ideas for gaming New Year’s resolutions!

Do you have any gaming New Year’s resolutions? Let us know!