5 Christmas Movie Tie-in Games We Want To See

Over the years, we’ve been hit by countless movie tie-in games.

Some have been fantastic. Others have been decent. The rest have been pretty poor (mentioning no names).

Still, there have been some missed opportunities too, not least when it comes to adaptations of classic Christmas films. Today, movies tend to receive mobile tie-ins only, and this would be the perfect platform for belated takes on some of the most beloved Christmas flicks ever made.

Not convinced? Well, let’s take a look at 5 festive films and explore how their adaptations might work … with our tongues firmly in our cheeks, of course!

Jingle All the Way

Jingle All the Way

Probably one of the few big Schwarzenegger movies without a tie-in game, Jingle All the Way is something of a mixed bag. Yeah, it has some solid Arnie moments, but it kind of loses itself by the time he’s flying across town on a jetpack.

Anyhow, Jingle All the Way has bags of potential for adaptation. For a start, we have scenes in which Arnie fights against hordes of other parents in the crush for a Turbo Man figure. We also have that golden moment when he starts brawling with dodgy Santas in their workshop, using a giant candy cane to take them out.

And, of course, let’s not forget the part where he punches a reindeer in the face.

This would be ripe for the platformer treatment, and would culminate in a flight in the Turbo Man suit, fighting off the disgruntled postman who serves as the film’s villain.



Ah, Scrooged. What more needs to be said?

Bill Murray’s take on Ebenezer Scrooge is a 1980s gem, and has some moments perfectly-suited to the video-game treatment. Imagine guiding Francis Xavier Cross through the bustling, snow-covered streets of New York to collect awards or fend off hordes of ghosts keen to show him the error of his ways.

You could even mix in point-and-click scenes, as Frank is taken to times from his past to find clues about why he’s such a crank. Throw in a showdown with a gun-toting Eliot Loudermilk for the final boss battle, and it’s spot-on!



A game that lets you play as the Krampus without restraint is enough to have many of us frothing at the mouth. A tie-in to the recent movie would be the perfect excuse, especially if it veered away from the film’s storyline and embraced all-out madness.

Imagine playing as the horned, hooved monster as he goes about his nefarious activities on Christmas Eve. Climbing down chimneys, kidnapping kids, and generally causing mayhem would all be a blast – kind of like a festive GTA.

This seems perfect for mobile platforms, and you could even upgrade your Krampus with various additions (bigger horns, weapons etc.). He could collect new outfits along the way too, including full Santa garb.

The Muppet Christmas Carol


This is a no-brainer, surely? Like Scrooged and It’s a Wonderful Life, there’s still plenty of love for The Muppet Christmas Carol, and a game adaptation could sell like the proverbial hot cakes (provided it were cheap, or freemium).

You could play as different characters from the film, such as Kermit’s Bob Cratchit, Gonzo’s Charles Dickens, or even Sir Michael Caine’s Ebenezer Scrooge. This would probably work best as a 2D platformer or 3D adventure, with Victorian London free to explore.

It’s a Wonderful Life


The quintessential Christmas film!

This classic story follows Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey as he overcomes one colossal struggle after another, until he discovers that, yes, it is a wonderful life after all.

If you’ve seen this film, you’re probably wondering how the heck this could be turned into a game. Well, let’s apply a little imagination here.

To start with, we could go down the route of past tie-in games: make it a platformer based around collecting objects and taking out enemies, just because.

So, we could play as George running through Bedford Falls, jumping from one rooftop or floating platform after another, picking up wads of cash (to save the Bailey Brothers’ Building and Loan) and collecting Zuzu’s petals (hats off to you if you get that reference).

You could even get points for punching Mr Potter’s henchmen along the way. Hell, the game could even be a side-scrolling beat-em-up, with George taking down the old miser’s thugs by the dozen. You could even have a showdown with Potter himself at the end of the game, wheelchair and all.

Sounds absurd? Of course – but just you try and say you wouldn’t play this.

Which Christmas movies do you wish had been given tie-in games? Let us know!