Top New Releases in August 2018

The only thing hotter than the weather (in the Northern Hemisphere) this month are the new releases coming in August.

Dead Cells – August 7th, 2018

Dead Cells is a Metroid-Vania type game (Metroid + Castlevania) that has some rogue-like elements (think: Diablo, Enter the Gungeon, FTL). So the developers are calling it “RogueVania”, and fans are putting it in the “Rouge-lite” category.


Kinda confusing… but basically, what this means is Dead Cells is a combination of:

  1. Dark Souls: tough but fair combat, unique weapons/spells with unique gameplay, and panic rolling.
  2. Metroid (or other classic side-scrolling titles): a 2-D platformer with an interconnected world and the heart-pounding threat of permadeath.


Dead Cells offers a winning combination that has been getting great reviews during the past year that it has been in early access development. And on August 7th the updated, polished, full release of the game will finally be available. So get read to gear up and fight some bosses in the amazingly detailed, interconnected levels of a sprawling and ever-changing castle!


A big part of Dead Cells, as with other Rogue-lite games, is developing and honing your skills. You’ll have to learn to predict your enemies’ moves, discover monster’s weaknesses, and practice levels over and over until what was impossible at first becomes easy, and you get that unique rush of accomplishment that only comes from a Dark Souls-esque game.

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Monster Hunter: World – August 9th, 2018

When Monster Hunter: World debuted on consoles in late January it quickly became Capcom’s best selling game. This “Game Of The Year” contender is the 2nd best selling PS4 game ever, and is the first game in the main Monster Hunter series (which goes back to 2004) to release on PC.


In Monster Hunter: World you’ll find yourself in a strange continent with detailed and diverse vegetation and terrain that you’ll need to use to your advantage while you hunt your big prize. But this isn’t your typical hack and slash, rush into danger, smash buttons, and win the fight type of game. Monster Hunter: World is like Dark Souls meets a big-game hunting simulator.


You, and up to 3 other players via online co-op multiplayer, will have to manage your stats, your skills and your crafting materials, as you track your difficult prey. The 31 different larger monsters and 17 smaller ones are not going to let you take them down easy. You’ll have to study their moves and then adapt your own to gain an advantage over them.


Speaking of advantages, by pre-ordering either the standard or deluxe versions of the game you’ll get access to special armor magic charms (and other goodies), that’ll help improve your odds against these ferocious beasts.

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Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh – August 9th 2018

Post Scriptum is not your typical Call of Duty WWII experience. This new game from an indie studio seeks to bring you an authentic WWII combat experience that players will love and WWII history buffs will give their seal of approval. You won’t be able to simply run-and-gun your way to victory in Post Scriptum. To lead your troops to victory you’ll need teamwork (were talking 40v40 pvp multiplayer battles), cohesion, and communication.


This simulation shooter features three different game modes (Offensive, Stratagem, and Sandbox), and 5 faithfully recreated maps that total 140 km² of playable area. Multiple British and German factions have been accurately depicted, along with their vehicles, weapons, and uniforms that were photo-scanned to preserve complete accuracy.


One of the battalions featured is the famous 1st Airborne Division, meaning that you’ll also have the chance to parachute into action! In addition you can build bases, call artillery and air strikes, and order supply runs across battlefields that were recreated at a 1:1 scale using historical maps.


Steam Workshop support will also be available, meaning that mods will be possible to keep this game new and exciting for hours to come.

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World of Warcraft: The Battle for Azeroth – August 14th, 2018

World of Warcraft turns 14 this November, and like a fine wine, it has aged extremely well (thanks to the many many patches, updates, and expansions that Blizzard has put out). And with this recent new expansion coming in August, now is the best time ever to play World of Warcraft. In addition to the graphics and combat mechanics being completely overhauled over the years, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game is no longer the endless grind that it used to be.

WoW is now a lot more accessible and fun right from the start.

Fittingly for new players, this 7th expansion is a return to the WoW’s roots: the clash between Alliance and Horde has boiled over into all out war. There will be new races, new classes, new areas to explore and raids to conquer. And one of the biggest new features is that the level cap has been raised to 120 now.

If that number seems like it’ll take way too long to get to, don’t worry, by pre-ordering the game you get an automatic boost to level 110!

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F1 2018 Headline Edition – August 24th, 2018

As the official video game of the FIA Formula One World Championship, F1 2018 will offer you a more realistic Formula One racing experience than ever before. F1 2018 is based on the actual 2018 Formula One World Championship, and includes all of the 21 tracks, 10 teams, and 20 drivers who are involved in real life. You’d have to be in the driver’s seat of a real F1 car to get any closer to the action!

F1 2018 will be the most accurate F1 car simulator to date, and will feature all of the cars from last season, all of the cars actively involved in the championship, and more classic cars than ever before. You’ll get a chance to try out the legendary McLaren M23 and the Ferrari 312T among many others.

And don’t forget to prep for those media interviews, in F1 2018 you’ll have to build your reputation on and off the track– just like the pros. What kind of a career will you have? What kind of team will you put together? You’re in the driver’s seat of your own destiny on August 24th.

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PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2019 – August 28th, 2018

If you’re a football fan (or “soccer” for all the Americans out there) then I know you’re already excited about the release of PES 2019. And if you’re not, here’s why you should be.

For many fans, what they like better about PES than other football titles is how true to the game it is. The popular gaming site “Kotaku” liked last year’s edition of PES better than FIFA, stating that it quite simply “plays a better game of football”. Player movements are now more lifelike than ever in PES 2019. Even the unique playing style of stars like Philippe Coutinho and David Beckham are accurately brought to life in all their glory. The experience is more authentic than ever too, with PES 2019 bringing more club, league, and stadium licenses that last year.


“myClub”, PES’s squad building feature, is back and improved with the all new Player Card system, access to High Performance Players, and the awesome Players of the Week feature that temporarily boots certain player’s stats in-game based on their real-world performance that week! And PES 2019 is truly the “beautiful game” with 4K graphics that are HDR display ready, improved lighting and shadow effects, crowd detail, and of course: hyper-real grass textures.

So pick this up on August 28th, and create your own Magic Moments on the pitch. Any gamer with the slightest interest in soccer/football should check this game out!

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