Arthur Morgan is the World Cup of Characters Champion!

world cup of characters winner

🏆Arthur Morgan🏆 is the World Cup of Characters Champion!  That’s it. The battle royale is over. After a solid two week campaign of brutal knockouts, a champion is finally chosen. And the World Cup of Characters champion is… Arthur Morgan…

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From Deserts to Nukes: Remembering EA’s Strike Series

Throughout the 1990s, EA released five games in their Strike series. Beginning with ‘92’s Desert Strike and ending with ‘97’s Nuclear Strike, the franchise took players all over the world, let us pilot various high-powered vehicles, and mixed shooting with…

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5 Reasons Resident Evil 7 Might Just Save the Series

When Resident Evil first came along 20 years ago, it was a breath of fresh air for most of us. While there had been plenty of horror-themed games before, nothing had ever quite been like this – ‘survival horror’ had…

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Doom Review: One Hell of a Good Time

Doom PC

After a long wait, Doom is finally here. Since Doom 3 exploded onto consoles and computers more than a decade ago, the franchise has stalled somewhat. Fans have been teased with a sequel for years now, and reception to the…

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Battleborn Review


After scoring a hit with their Borderlands shooters, Gearbox Software are back with Battleborn. This is another FPS populated by bizarre characters armed with hardcore weaponry, set in a rich sci-fi universe that blends elements of Destiny and TimeSplitters. Gearbox…

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10 PS1 Games You Must Play Again

resident evil 3 nemesis

If you’re of an age to remember the Sony PlayStation’s release, prepare yourself: that little grey machine is now almost 22 years old. Ouch, right? Still, hard as it may be to believe so much time has passed since the…

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Star Fox Zero: Nintendo’s Cosmic Animals Return

Since Star Fox (or Starwing, as it was known in Europe and Oz) blew the minds of SNES-owners everywhere back in 1993, the series has gone on to become one of Nintendo’s most popular. Featuring the courageous Fox McCloud, Slippy…

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5 Reasons To Be Excited For Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge was that uncommon thing in first-person gaming: original. While some games manage to bring new elements to the FPS genre, more often than not this is achieved through slight innovations in weaponry or environments. The Call of Duty…

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10 of the Greatest Racing Games Ever Made

From beloved classics like Outrun to recent hits like Project CARS, racing games have covered a huge variety of styles over the years, with arcade-like titles and realistic simulations alike catering to all tastes. A good racing game gives you…

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8 of the Most Awesome Video Game Openings Ever

As with any other form of entertainment, video games have to grab their audience right from the start. A great introduction must be so outstanding that switching the console off is absolutely out of the question, whether this is a…

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