Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut | Top 5 New Features on PC

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God of War, Spider-Man, Final Fantasy 7, and now Ghost of Tsushima…

It’s a great time to be a PC gamer who likes PlayStation games. That is… If your rig can handle it.

Actually, it’s a REALLY great time– because the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima is on sale now right now in the CDKeys Japan Week Sale!

Head on over to grab your copy before it’s too late, or read on to find out why you should. Here are the top 5 features in the new PC version of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC | Release Date and Exclusive Features

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is an expanded version of the critically acclaimed (and downright gorgeous) action-adventure game originally developed for the PlayStation 4 and 5. Set in 13th-century Japan during the Mongol invasion of Tsushima Island, players take on the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai on a journey to defend his homeland and transform from honorable warrior to the legendary “Ghost.”

In addition to features that were previously exclusive to the PS5 version (detailed later in this blog post), the PC port also features new PC tweaks to finally put that expensive video card to good use:

  • Unlocked frame rates to run the game above 60fps
  • Support for ultra-wide (21:9), super ultra-wide (32:9), and triple monitor (48:9) aspect ratios
  • Upscaling and frame generation technologies (Nvidia DLSS 3, AMD FSR 3, and Intel XeSS)
  • Supports Nvidia Reflex and Nvidia DLAA
  • Fully customizable keyboard and mouse controls

PlayStation Overlay Comes to PC

Sony's new PlayStation PC overlay and shared Trophies arrive with Ghost of Tsushima - The Verge

Ghost of Tsushima will be the first PlayStation port to feature a new overlay that includes your Friends list, Trophies, Settings, and Profile from your PSN account. You’ll be able to earn Trophies in the same way you would on PS5/PS4, and the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima will share the same Trophies as the original. Plus, the PC version will also have full support for Steam and/or Epic Games Store achievements as well.

Cooperative Online Multiplayer in Ghost of Tsushima “Legends” Mode

Ghost of Tsushima Review - Beautiful And Rewarding


“Legends” added an immersive multiplayer experience to the console version of Ghost of Tsushima, and it comes ready to play in the new PC version (along with the crossplay support mentioned above!)

This mode introduces players to a new dimension of the game’s universe, steeped in Japanese mythology and supernatural elements. Players can team up with friends or other players online to embark on cooperative story missions or face wave-based survival challenges. With diverse classes, each offering unique abilities and playstyles, players must strategize and communicate effectively to overcome formidable foes and complete objectives. Through progression, players unlock new gear and cosmetic items to customize their characters, enhancing their abilities and visual style.

Crossplay Ready

The PC release of Ghost of Tsushima features crossplay between PS4/PS5 consoles and PC right from day one! Jump into the cooperative Legends mode (detailed above) to squad up in Tsushima. All you’ll need to do is sign into your PlayStation Network account to start a game session and invite your friends.

Do note that crossplay will be in “beta” development at launch– but is fully playable.

Iki Island Expansion


But wait… there’s more packed into the PC release of Ghost of Tsushima. The massive “Iki Island” DLC introduces players to a new chapter in Jin Sakai’s journey.

The Iki Island expansion is set during the Mongol invasion of Japan. You’ll embark on a perilous journey to… you guessed it– Iki Island; where you’ll confront a formidable new enemy threatening both the island’s inhabitants and soon you. Navigating the treacherous terrain and facing new challenges, players will uncover dark secrets and confront powerful forces deeply rooted in Iki Island’s history and folklore. With new storylines, characters, and gameplay mechanics, the expansion offers a gripping experience that builds upon the acclaimed gameplay and narrative of the base game.


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