FIFA 19 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs Need to Go by October 14th = Huge Discount

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There are only a few days left to claim your FIFA 19 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs so we’ve massively discounted them. Right now in our webstore, you can get 5 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (one per week) on Xbox, PS4, PC, or Nintendo Switch, for up to 90% off! Build your dream-team faster with packs that start at less than 1 Euro!

One Pack Can Change the Game in FIFA 19

Jumbo Premium Gold Packs for FIFA 19 have improved chances at scoring the best players in the game. Therefore it only takes one to hopefully change your entire squad. If you redeem your code by October 14th you’ll lock yourself in to receive one Jumbo Premium Gold Pack per week for 5 weeks. This means 5 chances to unlock that one player you’ve been waiting for.

Bigger Is Better

The “Jumbo” means these are double the size of a normal Premium Gold Pack; it also means that there is an extra Rare included too! As usual, this pack will also include a mix of staff, consumables, and club items. At least 20 of these items are guaranteed to be Gold, and 7 of them Rare!

Three Important Things You Need to Know:

  1. You need to redeem your code by October 14, 2018 — so hurry!
  2. Only one Pack can be redeemed per account
  3. Get your Packs here: PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch

Because there are guaranteed Rare cards in every pack, you’re certain to unlock an amazing player. It only takes one pack to make a huge difference on your team. This YouTuber really has awesome luck:

Will you get lucky and unlock Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, or Modric for your team? Yeah there’s always a chance! It’s guaranteed you’ll get at least 7 Rares.

Feel free to brag about which players you got from your Packs in the comments below, or on one of our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.