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F1 24 brings the thrilling world of Formula 1 racing to the comfort of your couch! The latest update in the series arrives once again with an array of exciting new features that capture the intensity and speed of the sport.

Developed by Codemasters, F1 24 is officially licensed, so it features all of the teams, drivers, and circuits from the actual 2024 Formula 1 World Championship. Players can experience the full racing season, from practice sessions and qualifying to the main event; complete with realistic physics and detailed tracks that mirror their real-life counterparts.

Let’s dive into the top 5 things that make F1 24 the best entry yet in the award-winning series.


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F1 24 Introduces “Sports Dynamic Handling”

One of the most significant updates in F1 24 is the introduction of the Dynamic Handling System. Developed with help from reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen, this system offers the largest-ever physics update in the series’ history. This new system includes revamped suspension dynamics, an advanced tire model, detailed aerodynamic simulation, and expanded car setup options. These enhancements aim to provide precise control and realistic performance, whether you’re using a wheel or a controller​

Overhauled Career Mode

Next– the Career Mode in F1 24 has been extensively revamped. Players can now choose to play as any of the 20 drivers from the 2024 F1 season, upcoming talents from F2, legendary racers from the past, or create their own character. Plus, Career Mode now includes new features such as a Driver Accolades system, secret contract meetings, and multi-season rivalries. And don’t forget to establish your reputation in the paddock! By hitting on-track goals you can influence everything from contract negotiations and team support​.

Enhanced Multiplayer

F1 World, the platform for multiplayer modes like Grand Prix and Time Trial, returns for its second season with a new addition: Fanzone. Players can now show their allegiance to their favorite teams and drivers by participating in leagues that span the entire season. Fanzone also includes cooperative objectives and competitive elements, enhancing the community aspect of the game. Cross-platform multiplayer and new Racenet Leagues further expand the social and competitive opportunities​

Greater Authenticity

F1 24 includes significant updates to iconic circuits such as Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Lusail International Circuit, and Jeddah Corniche Circuit. These updates ensure the tracks are as close to their real-world counterparts as possible, offering an authentic racing experience. Additionally, the game boasts new broadcast camera angles, cinematic replays, and ray-traced lighting; making race day as close as you can get to the real thing.

New Challenge Career Mode

Finally, F1 24 introduces Challenge Career Mode– a new way to experience the F1 season from the perspective of an existing driver or team (with events that are identical for all players). This mode features episode-based competitive play with mini-career scenarios that test your skills through unique events and challenges. This is your chance to compete for your personal best on community leaderboards and influence future content episodes by participating in social media polls. Challenge Career Mode is perfect for those looking to dive into shorter, more focused racing experiences​


Release Date: 31st May 2024 (or 3 days early with Champions Edition)

Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One


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