Deadpool in Video Games: The Merc With A Mouth’s Virtual Adventures

It’s hard to believe just how far Deadpool’s come since his 1991 debut. For a long time, the very idea that he’d someday star in a movie of his own, complete with fourth-wall-breaking shenanigans, a spot-on costume, and his own brand of bizarre humour, was just too unlikely to take seriously.

Still, as crazy as it is, Deadpool’s now a mainstream icon, with a second movie on its way and a whole new army of fans. While he’s been a popular character for decades, he’s now broken through in the same way as Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange.

Still, while the movie has brought him to mass attention, Deadpool has actually made more than his fair share of appearances in video games too, as a playable character and in witty cameos.

While we wait for more news on Ryan Reynolds’ sequel, let’s kick back with a chimichanga or two and cast an eye back at the Merc with a Mouth’s varied gaming adventures …

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

This 2005 sequel to the fantastic X-Men Legends saw Deadpool show up as an unlockable character.

He’s a natural fit for the game, and brings a fresh dynamic to subsequent replays (more so than Iron Man, the other non-X-Men character available to unlock).

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is basically an all-star version of X-Men Legends, incorporating characters from across the comic-book giant’s universe (the aforementioned game planted the seeds of this, with its non-X-Men heroes).

With his range of attacks involving guns, swords, explosives, and teleportation, Deadpool is a fast, funny, powerful addition to any team. You can even choose from four different costumes for him (though his standard look is easily the coolest).

Marvel Ultimate Alliance II

Marvel Ultimate Alliance II took the epic Civil War arc as its inspiration, and Deadpool again showed up with a great move list. During the closing credits, he rants about not being the game’s leading man.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


X-Men Origins: Wolverine may have been Ryan Reynolds’ first appearance as Wade Wilson, but boy, did the filmmakers drop the ball. Not only was the character’s dialogue not remotely funny, but his appearance as ‘Deadpool’ in the finale was a terrible move.

In the superior game adaptation of said movie, Wilson appeared as the final boss. To be fair, the virtual showdown with Logan is way more entertaining than the live-action original, but it just isn’t Deadpool.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

This awesome game features Deadpool as a boss, and bases an entire level around his wild behaviour.

As Spider-Man, you’re tossed onto an oil rig and forced to battle through Deadpool’s reality show, Pain Factor. This consists of one challenge after another, before you get to brawl with the merc himself. It’s definitely one of the game’s highlights.

Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Deadpool’s one of the standout characters of this fast and frantic fighting game.

First and foremost, his wisecracks and quips about being in a video game are a treat (especially when he speaks directly to you, shaking the camera in fury), providing a nice comic touch in an otherwise serious brawler. As funny as he is, though, he’s an absolute beast when it comes to fisticuffs – fast, packing swords, guns, and grenades, and strong too.

You can also choose from multiple costumes, including his cool white / grey X-Force uniform.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

This MMO was aimed at Marvel’s younger fans … which makes Deadpool’s inclusion a little surprising on the surface.

Still, Deadpool’s a nice inclusion here, well-suited to the more light-hearted tone: take away the gore and bad language, and you’re still left with Deadpool’s inherent silliness.

Marvel Heroes

Deadpool shows up in another Marvel MMO, though this one’s aimed at a more mature audience. You have the freedom to customise Deadpool’s brawling style, and have an awesome selection of looks to choose from (including a rather voluptuous Lady Deadpool).


In 2013, Deadpool finally got to star in his own game!

In terms of gameplay, this is a fun, fairly standard third-person adventure – but it makes perfect use of the character’s self-awareness.

To start with, Deadpool forces the game’s actual developers into making a game based around himself, and criticizes the script they’ve already prepared for it. The game includes other Marvel characters in abundance, and its surreal humour helps it stand out from most games based around superheroics.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO built a massive Marvel game with almost 200 characters up for grabs, including Stan Lee himself. Deadpool plays a decent role as the narrator of the various side-missions, and still breaks the fourth wall.

The game actually makes Deadpool look pretty cute, and the fact that he becomes a skeleton rather than collapsing into a pile of bricks after losing his health is a nice touch.

Marvel Contest of Champions

This mobile game is a brawler with a huge cast of Marvel characters, and it makes solid use of Deadpool. There are multiple versions available, including Deadpooloids – symbioids dressed in Deadpool masks (which is as weird as it sounds).

Other Appearances:

Deadpool also shows up in Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Pinball, while Gwenpool (a fresh, even-more colourful spin on the character) features in Marvel: Future Fight.

Given his increasing popularity, and the excitement surrounding the forthcoming second Deadpool movie, expect to see him show up in numerous other games in the future!

What are your favourite Deadpool video game appearances? Let us know!