FIFA 19 Kicks off on Friday

FIFA 19 Black Friday Weekend Sale 2018

Your Friday night plans probably already revolve around it, but in case you forgot, yes, the newest release from the biggest football game franchise ever releases on the 28th. PES had its turn on the pitch, and now its FIFA…

PES 2019 Is Better Than Ever

PES 2019 is almost here, and it’s coming packed with more features that’ll make this version more realistic than ever. From the fluid feel of the new no-look pass, to the detailed manager system, PES 2019 promises an experience that will rival any football series ever made– you know which series we’re talking about!

Gamescom 2018 Final Day – The Best of the Best

Gamescom 2018 brought us some of the biggest gaming news of 2018 — yes, it was bigger than E3 in some ways! Here is our selection of the biggest announcements. You can see everything that Gamescom had to offer in our other blog posts, but here are 5 pieces of news you don’t want to miss!

Gamescom 2018 News Roundup – Day 4

Night has fallen in Germany, and Gamescom has wrapped up day 4 of the latest and greatest from the video game world– and we’re here to bring you the highlights. Come check out the newest round of gaming news and trailers just released at Gamescom 2018!

Gamescom 2018 News Roundup – Days 1-3: Everything You Need to Know So Far

Gamescom is well underway in Cologne, Germany, and there has been a lot of big news coming out of the convention already! Every year, the biggest game developers drop the latest trailers, and PC hardware engineers show off the latest tech. We’ll be keeping you updated with news roundups so you don’t miss a thing!

Agony Preview: A First-Person Journey Through Hell

Agony is a brand new first-person game set for global release on March 30th. This survival-horror nightmare takes place in Hell – a great location for any game, but especially one with so much potential. Madmind Studio has funded Agony…

Warhammer: Vermintide II Preview

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide was a gritty, gore-soaked co-op FPS set in the long-running franchise’s fantasy universe. While it wasn’t perfect, Vermintide offered fans and newcomers alike plenty to enjoy. The characters and environments looked great, the action was…

Alien Video Games: What Do We Want to See in Future Releases?

With Alien: Covenant in cinemas, two ongoing comic-book series from Dark Horse on sale, and word of more prequels on the way, the Alien franchise is in good health. Of course, along with movies and comic-books, the Alien universe lends…

5 Reasons to be Excited for Prey

When Prey hit the market in 2006, it was a critical and commercial success. Okay, so it might not have been perfect, but its performance made a sequel inevitable. To start with, at least. As it happened, a change of…

Total War: Warhammer PC Preview: When Two Franchises Collide

Creative Assembly’s Total War series is set to reach a major milestone next week, when its tenth main instalment hits the market. Since Shogun: Total War was released in 2000, the franchise has ventured to various eras. Games set in…