Far Cry New Dawn | Everything You Need to Know

far cry new dawn

Far Cry New Dawn has caused a stir in the gaming scene. Following its announcement during last week’s Game Awards it is set to release soon. It may have been because of the game’s vibrant, eye-popping colours, its ruthless new villains,…

Just Cause 4 Is Out on Tuesday | Time to Bring the Thunder

just cause 4 cover cdkeys

Just Cause 4 is like if GTA and Far Cry had a baby, and then named it “Awesome”. There’s nothing quite like the Just Cause games, and this newest entry might be the best one yet. Experience an open-world sandbox…

Darksiders 3 Is Out Now | Prepare for Hell on Earth

darksiders 3 cdkeys

Fans have been waiting over 6 years for this third entry in the series– and it looks like it was worth it. If hack-and-slash action games are your thing, Darksiders 3 is one of the best to come out in…

Battlefield 5 Is Out Next Week | Get Ready Soldier

Battlefield 5 Black Friday

Battlefield 5 takes on “mankind’s greatest conflict,” returning to its roots to bring you a unique portrayal of WWII. Here’s everything you need to know about Battlefield 5 ahead of its release next week on November 20. Pre-order your copy…

Fallout 76 BETA Review – One Week Until Full Launch

Fallout 76 beta review

With the BETA nearly over (today is the last day!) and the full release of Fallout 76 next week, we wanted to share our impressions of the game in its current state and what we hope to see improved by…

The Abyss Update Adds New Depth to the No Man’s Sky Universe

No Man's Sky, The Abyss Update

Since it’s renaissance this summer, No Man’s Sky has been better than it has in years. Back in July, the “NEXT” update was released which brought many of the long-awaited features that had originally been promised at the game’s launch….