Tag Us on Instagram. Win FIFA Points. Build Your Ultimate Squad.

Hello CDkeys Instagram followers! Sorry to make you pause your games for a second, but we have something really important to tell you about.

We want to thank you for all your loyal support by sponsoring your FIFA 19 Dream Team!

We’re ready to give away thousands of FIFA 19 Points to randomly selected followers who tag @cdkeyscom in a post.

That’s right thousands, could be 5 thousand, could be 50, could be 500 thousand FIFA Points– it’s all up to you. You’ll understand when you see the prizes:

  • 1st Prize: The number of FIFA 19 Points you’ve purchased from CDkeys x10
  • 2nd Prize: FIFA Points x5
  • 3rd Prize: FIFA Points x3

So 1,000 points would turn into 10,000 with a first place win!

In order to win you need to do 3 easy things:

  1. Purchase FIFA Points from our webstore
  1. Tag us on Instagram (@cdkeyscom) in a FIFA related post
  1. Relax and think about the ultimate FIFA squad you’re gonna put together

Ok, that 3rd step is actually optional, so really that’s just TWO easy things you need to do to win thousands of FIFA 19 Points.

Here are some helpful links:



Let us know in the comments or on Instagram if you have any questions, and GOOD LUCK!