Doom Review: One Hell of a Good Time

Doom PC

After a long wait, Doom is finally here. Since Doom 3 exploded onto consoles and computers more than a decade ago, the franchise has stalled somewhat. Fans have been teased with a sequel for years now, and reception to the…

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The History of Doom: Building A Classic Series

Doom is about to be reborn. As one of the most popular FPS games ever made, the original Doom is regarded as a crucial step in the evolution of the genre, bringing a whole new level of maturity and atmosphere…

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5 Reasons to be Excited for Doom

When it was first released more than twenty years ago, Doom changed the face of gaming forever. Until then, most action titles had been 2D side-scrolling affairs, with recycled platform elements and a limited range of movement. In 1992, a…

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