Top 5 Lord of the Rings Games

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Believe it or not, it’s almost 15 years since Peter Jackson’s first The Lord of the Rings movie hit the big screen. Since then, we’ve had plenty of video games based on Tolkien’s masterpiece, and while even the most hardcore…

15 Video Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2017


With 2017 just a few weeks away, it’s time to look ahead to the games set for release in the new year. There’s plenty to be excited for, across major AAA titles to crowd-sourced indie-releases. Whether you’re excited to see…

7 Weird Video Games Based on TV Shows


Over the years, hit television shows have inspired plenty of video games. Sometimes, this makes perfect sense, with the likes of The Walking Dead, The X-Files, Game of Thrones, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer lending themselves nicely to an interactive…

Top 5 Indiana Jones Video Games


Indiana Jones. What’s not to love? He’s smart. He’s brave. He’s a part-time teacher, full-time Nazi-buster. Still, when he’s not teaching Hitler’s goons the error of their ways, he’s liberating kids from a life of slavery in deepest, darkest India….

10 Strange But Awesome Guest Characters in Video Games


Guest characters make a neat addition to any game, usually injecting a touch of novelty-value and tongue-in-cheek humour. For example, who wouldn’t welcome the chance to play as a horor-movie monster in Mortal Kombat rather than goody two-shoes Liu Kang…

Tomb Raider: Celebrating Lara’s Best Adventures


For the past 20 years, one special lady has been a formidable figure in the gaming world. Princess Peach? Well, yes, but not her. Chun-Li? She’s awesome, but no, we’re not talking about her either. Samus? Okay, so there’s plenty…

10 Best Sega Master System Games Still Worth Your Time


The Sega Master System was a gem of an 8-bit console. Sure, it couldn’t overtake the NES in terms of worldwide sales, but it was the purchase of choice for those gamers with no interest in a certain moustachioed plumber….

Mass Effect: Andromeda: 5 Reasons To Be Excited


With the Mass Effect trilogy, BioWare created one of the most amazing science-fiction universes in the history of video games. Over those three adventures, we got to see a huge range of awesome worlds, interact with many diverse species, and…

7 Classic Movies We Want To See As New Video Games


Over the years, many classic movies have received belated tie-in games. In 2002, John Carpenter’s The Thing was given a follow-up, 30 years after the film’s release. Developers Computer Artworks did a fantastic job of capturing all the atmosphere, terror,…

7 Great Video Games That Let You Be The Bad Guy


One of the many joys of playing video games is blowing off steam. Whether you’re going on a rampage in GTA or wasting rebel scum as Darth Vader in Star Wars Battlefront, being able to release tension and vent frustration…